50s Inspired Shoot

Brandon EsparzaStyled Shoots

This styled shoot was out at the Wellington Polo Club. As crazy as it sounds, this was actually part of a three part styled shoot — yes that’s right three styled shoots in one day.  Each one had it’s own unique theme. You can find the Twilight Splendor segment here. 50s Wedding Inspiration – Polo Shoot from Brandon Esparza on Vimeo. However, … Read More

Swank Farms – Spring

Brandon EsparzaFlorida Wedding Videography, Styled Shoots

Doing styled shoots is a lot of hard work – but always worth it. Not only do we get to work with a great group of vendors (probably the best part!), but we get to hone in our skills and use our imagination. These give us an opportunity to show brides what is possible! This shoot was right here close … Read More

Chic Silver & White Twilight Styled Shoot

Brandon EsparzaStyled Shoots

Truthfully, styled shoots are something that we just started doing here at Digital Producto Films. Now, if you’re a bride or groom you may not be familiar with what a styled shoot is in the wedding industry… but if you are, just skip these next few paragraphs. To break it down: A styled shoot is simply a group of vendors … Read More