Congratulations, you’re engaged and now begins the search for all the wedding vendors that are going to make your wedding day perfect. Picking the right wedding vendors is  one of the most important things you can do in planning your big day. You’re likely visiting this page because you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Jupiter, Florida.

Here’s a video we just did at the Jupiter Resort & Spa. You can see the whole blog post here.

At Digital Producto Films, we specialize in producing quality, heart-felt wedding films and are happy to serve all of South Florida. If you’re looking to have your day capture, then we can help! Our approach is story-driven.

It’s not just about the event, it’s about the moments.

Finding a good wedding video company can be a difficult task, but not if you know the right questions to ask. Below we’ve outlined a few good questions to ask yourself and your videographer.

Why Should I Hire a Jupiter, FL Wedding Videographer?

While hiring a photographer, getting flowers and arranging your venue are probably high on your list (in fact, here are a couple we recommend), here are some reasons we think hiring a wedding film company is important. Note: Yes, we’re a bit partial.

  1. The Memories – The day goes by fast. Having a video that show what went on while your fiancé is getting ready or his facial expressions while opening your gift is something you want to share with each other.
  2. The Emotions – Our good friends, the photographers, are really great at capturing a moment in time and many of them are even great at capturing stories and emotion. But there is something about getting it on film that “puts you back in the moment” and may even cause you to shed a tear or two.
  3. Sharing – Video is everywhere! Sure, photos are still a huge part of how people enjoy memories and moments, but with video becoming more popular on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook it’s just another great way to share your big day with your friends.

What kind of budget should I set aside for a Wedding Videographer?

Just like most wedding planning these days, the wedding industry isn’t what it used to be. While a simple church ceremony with your loved ones was good enough 100 years ago and perhaps even 20 years ago, the American wedding celebration has become so much more.

At Digital Producto Films, we recommend that you set aside around 10-15% of your budget on a professional video company for your Jupiter, Florida wedding. We could get into the details of why it can cost so much, but believe me, you’ve probably already seen all those articles already (like this one here). We believe the investment to be worth it, and we work hard to capture and edit those moments perfectly for our couples.

When will I get my wedding video?

When looking for a wedding videographer, we recommend asking this question sometime during the process. Depending on the style of your video, they may deliver your video in the next few weeks or a few months. Either way, it’s good to know what their turn around time is. We’ve heard horror stories of couples waiting up to a year or longer for their footage.

What different styles of videography is there?

You’ve probably been to a few wedding videographer that serve the Jupiter, Florida area already. You’ve also likely found that each one is different in their style and quality. Here is a list of some of the different styles you may see.

  1. Documentary – This style is a more casual approach. It captures the moments as they happen with very little posing or “acting.”
  2. Cinematic – This style will generally have lots of beautiful slider shots, engaging music and will have more posing or “acting.” When you sit down and watch it, it will feel kind of like a movie.
  3. Story Driven – While this may not be an official style, this is what we like to do. We take the documentary style and the cinematic style and bring it together. Our goal is to take an organic approach to our film making while still delivering a little bit of those cinematic elements and telling a great story.

If you have any questions about our wedding videography services, we would be happy to help. As you know, your wedding day only happens once and hiring a professional wedding film company is important. We want you to enjoy and remember your day for the rest of your life.

Give us a call (here’s our number: 720-470-1440), and let’s meet up over some coffee. We’d love to get to know you. Our treat! If you live far away, don’t worry, we’ve got Skype.