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Welcome to Digital Producto Films


My name is Brandon and I’m a wedding videographer here in the Lake Worth, Florida area. At Digital Producto Films, we specialize in wedding films that don’t just capture the event, but tell a story.

Our motto is, “Not Just Events. But Memories.”

And it’s truly memories that we want to preserve for you and your fiancé — now and for generations. The memories of your wedding are so easily missed and photos can only capture SO much.

At Digital Producto Films, our goal is to capture your entire day, from getting read to cake cutting. As a Lake Worth wedding videographer, we’re here to make sure that your big day is preserved.

Why Hire a Lake Worth Wedding Videographer?

Now, we’re assuming you’re convinced you already need a wedding videographer. But perhaps you’re not quite sure. Below, we’d like to outline just a few reason why we don’t think you should miss this IMPORTANT aspect of your wedding. Even if you don’t hire us…hire SOMEONE!

  1. Ah…the Memories. One thing that I remember about my wedding, is that I don’t remember all the details. We put money, effort and tons of energy in our big day, but through all the craziness — we really didn’t remember a whole lot. Having a wedding video let’s you relive the real moments that happened. You know: that moment when dad comes in and see you for the first time. Or that moment when your maid of honor is rehearsing her speech in the other room — priceless.
  2. Friends and Loved Ones. For many of us, not all of our friends and family can share in our big day. By having a wedding video, you’re able to make them apart of something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. And you may not be thinking of it now, but it also is part of your legacy that you can pass down generations. Additionally, some couples have had loved ones pass away — their wedding film is the last memory they had.
  3. Video is everywhere — while not the most emotional reason, it certainly is one of the most practical. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat — video is part of our live in almost everyday. Being able to share one of our Signature Highlights Video on one of these platforms is an easy way to include your extended friends and family who couldn’t make it.

At Digital Producto Films, we would love to help you film your big wedding day. When looking for a Lake Worth wedding videographer, it’s important that you find a professional that will care about every detail your looking for.

Let’s meet up over some coffee, tea or drinks and talk about your day. We like to know everything we possibly can so we don’t miss any important moment. And because we’ll likely be with you most of the day, we want you to get to know us.

Let’s chat: 720-470-1440.