If you’re looking for a wedding videographer in the Port St. Lucie area, we’re here to help! At Digital Producto Films, we cover a wide geographic area for our brides and grooms. If you are actively looking for a wedding videographer, then you’ve likely determined that hiring someone to video your wedding is important, much like your photographs.

If however:

You haven’t made up your mind and are debating on whether or not you should, I’d like to share with you our reasons on why filming your wedding is a must!

Port St Lucie Wedding Vidoegrapher

This beautiful photo was taken by Vivid Pink Photography, one of my recommended vendors!

But before we dive into those reasons, I’d like to share with you how Digital Producto Films serves our Port St. Lucie clients and what kind of service you can expect. At Digital Producto Films, we believe that your wedding isn’t just an event.

An “event videographer” would simply set up a video camera and press record.

You see:

That’s not our style. It’s all about story to us. Your getting married because you saw something special in your fiancé.

In fact: Your relationship likely has had a few funny stories and memories by itself.

When you contact us, we first set up a meeting and then we get your story. We ask questions like:

  • How did you meet?
  • What do you see as the most important part of your wedding day?
  • Are there going to be any special moments during the day that are extra special to you?
  • What are the color of your flowers?
  • What kind of music do you like?

Believe it or not, these questions put together a picture of who you are and it gives us the ability to capture your day knowing more of who you and your fiancé are. In this way, we’re able to connect with you and it makes your film more meaningful.

Real quick. I wanted to share one of our highlights video close to the Port St. Lucie area.

Why Port St. Lucie Couples (or YOU!) should get their (your) Wedding Filmed!

OK, so now that you understand who we are and what we do. Why should you have your wedding professionally filmed? It’s crazy right? Why would you spend just as much money on a wedding videographer as a photographer?

Well, if you’ll stick around…I’ll give you 5 fantastic reasons why you should have your wedding day filmed.

  1. The Unseen Memories: You’ve likely visited a few wedding photographer’s websites by now. (If not, check out some of my vendor friend’s sites here) You’ll notice that there are smiling faces, beautiful poses and crisp portraits. But what happened before that snap of the photo? Did dad remark how beautiful her daughter was? Did the maid of honor write that speech on a napkin hour before the ceremony in the back dressing room? Moments like these are why we believe video is so important.
  2. Absent Friends and Family: Sometimes friends and family can’t come, especially if they are out of state or physically unable. Unfortunately, some of us have deaths in the family. This isn’t a scare tactic (I promise), but there have been couples who had an uncle, aunt, grandmother or other relative pass away shortly have their wedding.Sometimes having friends and family all together in one place is the only chance to capture these memories.  Having your wedding captured on film preserves these memories and keeps your loved ones close to you and you close to them!
  3. Video is Everywhere: Even in the early days of social media — pictures and “status updates” were the norm. But over time, it’s more difficult to scroll through my Facebook feed and NOT see a video pop up every 3-4 posts! Not into Facebook? Instagram (Follow me here! Shameless plug. 🙂 ) and Snapchat have a strong video presence as well.
  4. A Legacy: This is probably not the first thing on your mind, but leaving a legacy behind for our children and grandchildren is super important. Sharing that big day with your future family may not be something they’ll want to see when there young, but as the years go by, memories and heritage become more important.
  5. Regret Free: I leave you with a regret free wedding. If you only knew how many brides wished they had hired a wedding videographer or were very glad they did when they were previously unsure.

Hold on:

Let me hop on over to The Knot and grab a few quote from brides who expressed just that!

“While we are very pleased with our photographer, I’m now starting to have second thoughts about not having a videographer. I guess there’s nothing like having a video to capture the details, people’s faces/expressions, our vows — things that I might miss during the day as a busy bride and that don’t necessarily get captured in even the best quality photos.” – Bride

“DO IT!!!!! I promise you will not regret spending the money. You may not think you want to relive every minute, but after the day you have been meticulously planning for months flies by in what feels like seconds, you will be desperate for a way to remember it!” – Bride

“I did not think I would be so excited to watch our wedding video, but the day went by so quickly! I want to see our ceremony and cocktail hour, which I missed. Though I may only watch it a few times, I think it was worth the money.” – Bride

You can see the rest right here.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding videographer in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Digital Producto Films would be glad to meet you over some coffee (or tea if you prefer) and learn your story so we can deliver the best wedding video possible. You can contact us on the form to the right.