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I talk a lot about story. When it comes to wedding films, I believe it’s one of the most important elements. It’s funny, because even from the very start its been part of the DNA of our company. As I look back at some of my older films, even though they lacked the quality we now deliver, I can still see how Story showed up nearly every time.

My story with video started as a child — and not because of video cameras, but because of technology. My father was a technology teacher in the public schools and was always bringing the latest computer home. Let’s just say I’ve used nearly every model of the Mac computer since the 1990s. This was back in the day when not everyone had cameras and computer. But our family always had a camera or video camera during Christmas.

This influence went with me into college and soon enough, I was designated the “camera person” at the small college I attended here in South Florida.

My first wedding film was for a friend from college. For a few hundred bucks and a plane ticket he flew me up to New York and that was just the beginning!

Through the years, I’ve come to find that many wedding videographers simply put together a “highlight” or “music” video. They are a lot of fun and definitely work for many people

But, I wanted more for my couples.

I wanted them to have a film that told their story,  was personal and unique. It needed to be timeless and not follow every new trend that comes and goes in cinematography.

It’s my belief, that you can never go wrong by focusing on the couple and telling their story.

Wedding films are about PEOPLE. The wedding is simply the backdrop.

If this resonates with you and you want us to tell your wedding story —

Let’s talk. 

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“Brandon’s work is stunning! With close attention to details and an amazingly sweet personality Brandon will document your wedding and create a lovely video to cherish your day for years to come! I love working with him and I recommend him to all my brides!”Amanda Smith, Amanda Smith Photography