One + One + One = One. The Love Story of Phil & Mirena

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Today, I want to introduce you to Phil and Mirena (oh and Tessa). Not just two people — but two souls — who found each other in this big wide world. Well, actually three. When it comes to the wedding of Phil and Mirena, it wasn’t just a union of two, but a union of three coming together as a … Read More

A Fairy Tale (A SUPER FUN) Wedding with Michael and Paige

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When you add a little bit of chivalry, romance — a dash of Disney and TONs of love — you get the wedding of Paige and Michael. We arrived (with the amazing Jodi Fjelde Photography team) at Paige and Michael’s home while Paige was getting ready. This is important because some of her most loved family members were there — … Read More

10 Tips for a MEANINGFUL Wedding Toast (and video worthy)

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Wedding Toasts for Wedding Films 2

I want to let you in on a little secret. As a wedding filmmaker, I’m not actually the storyteller. I know most wedding videographers (including myself) talk about the story and how important it is. Weddings are unique, because, while I’m not the storyteller per sé. I’m still the one that puts the story together in the editing room. The … Read More