Matt + Casey

Brandon EsparzaFlorida Wedding Videography

It was my privilege to film Matthew and Casey Fullen’s wedding this last August 2014.  Their big day was hosted by the prestigious Admiral’s Cove Club located in Jupiter, Florida. Throughout the day, you could feel the unity and love that was present, not only with Casey and Matt, but with the entire family. Their ceremony was unique and special. The minister gave them a plan to follow, which he aptly named the “F.U.L.L.E.N” Plan. Each letter stood for a piece of advice to follow for a successful marriage. Casey and Matt were a pleasure to spend the day with and we wish them many blessings on their future together. It was also great to meet Alisia from Alisia Thompson Wedding & Lifestyle Photography. You can see all Casey and Matt’s photos here.

Here at Digital Producto Films, we don’t simply “film an event.” We tell stories. From the emotional letter written to the bride to the gifts received by the bride’s maids, we want the viewer to feel as if they are part of the story. Our specialty is luxury wedding videography and events. Thanks for watching!