One + One + One = One. The Love Story of Phil & Mirena

Brandon EsparzaCameras

Today, I want to introduce you to Phil and Mirena (oh and Tessa). Not just two people — but two souls — who found each other in this big wide world.

Well, actually three. When it comes to the wedding of Phil and Mirena, it wasn’t just a union of two, but a union of three coming together as a beautiful family.

(Below is the story that goes along with the video. Thank you For the Moment Photo for the beautiful photos!

At Digital Producto Films, we do our best to tell stories that not only reflect emotions of the day but the spirit of our couples. The great thing about editing Phil and Mirena’s film is that it wasn’t hard to find those moments and feelings.

Who they are, how they love and what they care about came out all day. For them, it was all about family, being in the moment and appreciating everyone and everything that brought them together in this moment.

Phil and Mirena were married at the beautiful Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa in Jupiter, Florida. This place holds a really special place in their hearts.


Because that is where they first met! They were brought together by a mutual friend and from there it was like a beautiful puzzle that fell in place. Sure, there was risk — but all great things need involve risk.

If you really want to get a taste for how they feel about each other, LISTEN closely to their vows. They are spiritual, inspiring, and heartfelt.

But you can’t talk about Phil and Mirena without mentioning their daughter Tessa. Her speech for her mom and dad was one of the highlights of the night! In fact, we liked it so much, we decided to start out the film her speech.

And if this all isn’t enough — YOU HAVE to check out that first dance!

Thank you, Phil and Mirena for allowing us to be part of your special day. We wish you the best in your future together!

Thank you to these great vendors. It was a privilege to work alongside you.